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what our clients say about us
Our clients are, perhaps, the most satisfied people on the planet

  • Just wanted to say thanks for sending Nancy and Kyle over to troubleshoot and repair the Talk a Phone issues that have been an ongoing problem since we upgraded to the CM-2 control modules. They arrived at 8:00, we had a short meeting on what we needed to accomplish, from there they hit the ground running and did not look back. I can tell you that the TAP Wall Mount Speakers are anything but service friendly, they systematically hit each issue on my list and fixed 8 out of 14 problems I had. They had great professionalism and far exceeded what I thought we would get accomplished. I look forward to working with Preferred Technologies and please tell Nancy and Kyle job well done. Our goal is to have our Mass Notification Devices at 100%  as soon as possible.

    I am pleased to announce that our TAP Mass Notification System appears to be at 100%, with all 32 devices in working order. I would also like to thank Erez Sharoni for all the help you gave us during some trying times, and Preferred Technologies for the  hard work Nancy and Kyle put in here at McNeese to get our system up and working properly.

    Paul Chafin

    System Administrator, McNeese State University
  • I also wanted to note that Preferred Technologies technician's, Mike & Bryan, were a tremendous help for their work performed last Thursday. I knew going in that this door would have its own set of unique challenges, but Mike & Bryan assessed the situation thoroughly, worked through the issues and did not leave until the work was correct, complete and approved by the end-user. I appreciate the effort and professionalism they provided, particularly since it was done on such short notice. I hope and anticipate that this same level of performance will be exhibited when Preferred Technology is on-site for our new International Terminal project at Hobby Airport.

    David Franco

    Project Engineer, Hensel-Phelps Construction
  • Thanks for the excellent services you've provided for the Tudor and ACC camera installations. We've been very impressed by your team's professionalism and skill in handling the work so quickly and nicely. This is exactly the outcome I was hoping for, so we're planning on continuing with future work.

    Houston Area

    University Customer
  • We were seeking to implement a mobile LPR solution using the Genetec’s AutoVue platform.  Pref-Tech was the recommended to us as both the closest integrator to our location geographically and having good technical resources.

    Pref-Tech proved to be an excellent choice as an integrator.  They successfully got us up and running with two mobile LPR vehicles.  Since the initial installation, we have incorporated a non-traditional fixed LPR installation for timed parking in a high-turnover lot serving the Student Recreation Center.  Pref-Tech successfully developed a custom application to provide the functionality we needed.  Based on their excellent performance, we have moved to Pref-Tech as our primary provider for all LPR, intercom and CCTV sourcing and support.

    Pref-Tech has proven themselves willing and able to go the extra mile in order to help the customer achieve the desire results.  They are resourceful and innovative in their approach to problems and seek the most effective and efficient solution for the customer.  We have worked with several technology integrators and Pref-Tech has risen to the top in terms of professionalism and ability.

    Dell Hamilton

    Parking Services Manager, Texas A&M University
  • I would definitely recommend and urge anyone who is on the fence to choose Pref-Tech for their Security and Infrastructure requirements.

    Kaivalyamurti Swami

  • One of the biggest advantages of working with Pref-Tech I noticed right off the bat was the fact that they were genuine and they really cared about their clients. I have worked with integrators around the country and it is hard to find people who genuinely care about their clients. I also noticed honesty; if they felt that they could not undertake a potential task or job they would be upfront and honest about it. Along with these fundamental values, Pref-Tech has done a lot of custom installations and integrations with the products we use. This added intellectual asset is very beneficial to us as they can help with customizing integrations for us as we need.

    Kaivalyamurti Swami

  • We were looking for an integrator for our Security and Infrastructure requirements here in Houston and Genetec suggested Pref-Tech to us with a very commendable recommendation. We needed an integrator that could understand our unique requirements and work with us to accommodate our constraints of being a non-profit volunteer based organization.

    Kaivalyamurti Swami

Latest News

Nov 02

North American Non-Profit Hindu Organization BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha(r) Installs Genetec Security Solutions to Protect its Numerous Houses of Worship

Preferred Technologies assisted in quality control by overseeing system design to ensure all pieces of the solution were used properly and most effectively.

Nov 02

Cargo Marine Terminal in Texas Fortifies its Security Perimeter with Genetec Security Center Unified Platform

“We are a fully restricted facility and pride ourselves on having some of the most progressive technology in the industry to help secure our clients’ assets,” said Vincent Pilegge, President at Manchester Terminal LLC. “But it’s not just about us; we’re also conscious of the fact that there are several refineries right next door, and so safeguarding our facility also means that we are helping to protect our neighbours’ assets and the community at large.”