Identifying and Deploying the Right Security Solutions for Each Market

In recent years, leading industries have witnessed a steady rise in the number of security incidents and breaches, the continued growth of competition, and an increased reliance on business intelligence. Smart companies and institutions leverage their investments in security to not only improve safety and security but to improve productivity and reduce risks. Pref-Tech partners with airports, educational institutions, healthcare systems, oil and gas companies, government agencies, and more to realize optimal returns on security investments.


We understand the intricacies of working with government entities and create solutions to improve awareness, reduce crime, provide early warning of emergency situations, and secure the places where people live, work and play. Our integrated, custom-designed security systems address security objectives and allow for seamless sharing of information between various departments and stakeholders.
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School safety has changed dramatically in recent years. These micro-communities must control access, monitor activities, and effectively react to incidents, all while providing numerous services to the public. We team with educational customers to design, implement, and integrate security solutions that provide coverage of the campus environment and improve efficiencies in a secure manner.
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Critical Infrastructure

A complex framework of businesses and services support the American lifestyle, economy, and national security. A breach or failure within this critical infrastructure will severely disrupt our way of life. Pref-Tech creates high-quality, integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure facilities that meet or exceed regulatory obligations, provide exceptional defense against threats, improve situational awareness, empower responders, and facilitate collaboration.
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Healthcare systems and medical facilities must establish and maintain a high level of security to protect staff, patients, records, medical supplies, and physical assets. We provide comprehensive security solutions to help manage risk and improve protection while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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Airports are small cities with big security requirements and an unbelievable volume of daily transactions. Airports must maintain continuous operations, efficiently move people and material, and create positive customer experiences while meeting or exceeding regulated security requirements. We deliver unified security solutions for large and small airports that satisfy the varying needs and expectations of the numerous stakeholders, employees, and customers.
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Seaports play a significant role in the American economy. Our globalized marketplace demands efficient import and export of goods ranging from basic commodities to complex machinery and petroleum products. Because of their high throughput of goods, multiple modes of transportation and geography, seaports are attractive targets. We develop solutions tailored to the unique needs of seaports. Our fully integrated solutions allow seaports to meet regulatory requirements, keep assets safe and secure, react effectively to changing conditions, and maintain continuity of operations.
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Oil, Gas & Energy

The Oil, Gas, and Energy industries affect everyone on the planet every day. Companies in the space conduct high-risk operations throughout vast geographies, own extremely valuable assets, and must keep hundreds of thousands of employees and contractors safe and secure. We create solutions that enable Oil, Gas, and Energy companies to operate more securely, improve overall safety, reduce risk, and increase productivity.
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Commercial Facilities

People are happier and far more productive when they feel safe and secure. We partner with commercial facilities to create safe, secure environments where people thrive. Our solutions protect assets, use real estate effectively, and provide useful data for facility stakeholders to improve operations. Ultimately, our solutions improve a commercial facility’s profitability.
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