Take a look at the people that comprise our company. Come celebrate their individual and team achievements with us.

Pref-Tech Uniques: Core Values

June 22, 2021

Core Values:   You will read in our marketing materials that Pref-Tech “designs, builds, and services security systems”, that we aim to be the “special operations group of security integration”, that our… READ MORE

Pref-Tech Uniques: Active Ownership

June 17, 2021

Ownership is a strange thing. It’s a unique relationship between man and dog, dog and bone, or man and company. It’s not something we talk about very often. People around… READ MORE

Wolf’s Introduction

June 1, 2021

I believe it is time to introduce my family to you all. I am Wolf-Pup or Wolf for short. I found my home at the office here in Houston. Well,… READ MORE